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Καλό 7,4
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από 8219 κριτικές
  • Κατάσταση/καθαριότητα ξενοδοχείου: 7,7
  • Παροχές 7,2
  • Τοποθεσία 7,1
  • Άνεση/κατάσταση δωματίου: 7,5
  • Απόδοση προσωπικού: 7,5
  • Σχέση ποιότητας-τιμής: 7,6
  • Φαγητό/Δείπνο: 6,9
Επαληθευμένες κριτικές

Emily T.
Ηνωμένο Βασίλειο
08 Ιουλίου 2016
Nice room
such a great room, nice location and many restaurants around

Tak T.
Χονγκ Κονγκ
08 Ιουλίου 2016
no comment
no comment

kwok T.
Χονγκ Κονγκ
08 Ιουλίου 2016
many restaurants, clean, nice staff

Suen K.
07 Ιουλίου 2016
Fair enough compare with the price

Chi C.
Χονγκ Κονγκ
06 Ιουλίου 2016
Nice place, nice view, nice food.

Po L.
04 Ιουλίου 2016
I don't like the services at the reception desk and the restaurants. The staff is not as friendly as I expect and the service is slow,

Kwok H.
Χονγκ Κονγκ
02 Ιουλίου 2016
No shaver
Room too small

Rodrigo M.
30 Ιουνίου 2016
Needs better TV
The only bad thing was the TV channels choice in the room. There was no one broadcasting live the soccer Euro Cup 2016 matches. And my country was playing that night. The bar in front of the hotel saved me though, but not the most convenient situation... Apart from that, everything was fine. Really friendly and helpful personnel!

Chang Y.
Νότια Κορέα
28 Ιουνίου 2016
One of two choices in Shatin
Think location is more convenient than Courtyard Marriott. But still need to take a bus to the nearest subway station. Rooms are comfy and large.

Chang Y.
Νότια Κορέα
28 Ιουνίου 2016
Limited options in Shatin
Very old but rooms are renovated. Crowded with tourists. Rooms are large. Lines can be long..